International English Language Testing System
IELTS is designed to test a candidate's English proficiency in the areas of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. All candidates take the same Listening and Speaking Modules. If you are planning to undertake academic study, it is recommended that you sit for the Academic Reading and Writing Modules.
Many English language learners need IELTS in order to pursue academic or non-academic training. Most Canadian, British, Australian, and New Zealand academic institutions accept IELTS as a basis of assessing English language proficiency. IELTS is also accepted by many professional organizations including the New Zealand Immigration Service, the Australian Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, the Australian Medical Council, the UK General Medical Council and the UK Ministry of Defence.

Everyone, including native English speakers, may be required to prove an official IELTS score in order to seek immigration to some countries. Citizenship and Immigration Canada requires an official IELTS score. (Other counties include, for example, Australia and New Zealand.)
· In India, the test is held at 15 test centres, which arrange test administrations according to local demand.
· The University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES), the British Council and IDP Education Australia jointly manage the IELTS.
· Over 1.4 million candidates take the test each year.
· IELTS is recognised by more than 6000 institutions across the world.

Test Administration:


· IELTS tests are administered at centres throughout the world - there are more than 270 centres, in over 135 countries.
· A full list of centres is available on the IELTS website:
· Most centres conduct a testing session at least once a month and more often at peak
· Results are available within two weeks of the test.

IELTS Format:


All candidates are tested in following four section.
· Listening
· Speaking
· Reading
· Writing
Section Time
No. of Items / Tasks
Limit (min)
4 sections, 40 items
3 sections, 40 items
2 tasks (150 & 250 words)
10 - 15

Scoring pattern in IELTS:

IELTS provides a profile of a candidate’s ability to use English. Candidates receive scores on a Band Scale from 1 to 9. A score is reported for each module of the test. The individual module scores are then averaged and rounded to produce an Overall Band Score according to a confidential band score conversion table. Overall Band Scores and Listening and Reading scores are reported in whole and half Bands; Writing and Speaking Band Scores are reported in whole Bands only.
There are total of 40 questions each in Reading and Listening Modules of IELTS. The band scoring system of the 40 questions are mentioned below:
Number of Correct Answers
In writing Module total score for Report writing is 3.6 and for Essay writing is 5.4. This score depends on your ability to write a report and an essay.Similarly, speaking module covers total of 9 score. You will never get the score of speaking in decimal.
Test Practice
· Weekly Tests
· Mock Test Practice


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Avani Patel (Band : 7.0)

Saddamhusen Sipal (Band : 6.0)

Hinal Gandhi (Band : 6.5)

Bhavesh Patel (Band : 6.0)

Sajid Saiyad (Band : 8.5)

Abhimanyu Rao (Band : 6.5)

Imran Zuberahmad Khan (Band : 6.5)

Priyank Khandelwal (Band : 6.5)

Neha Saileshkumar Parmar (Band : 6.0)

Mayurdhvajsinh Jadeja (Band : 7.5)

Suravali Jigneshkumar Patel (Band : 6.5)

Paigamhusain Mansuri (Band : 7.0)

Hardik Pankajkumar Patel (Band : 6.0)

Kisan Ashokkumar Pandya (Band : 6.0)

Ronak Patel (Band : 6.0)

Dhruvdev Navinchandra Patel (Band : 6.5)

Bhargav Sanjaykumar Bhatt (Band : 6.0)

Dipika Hasmukhbhai Parikh (Band : 6.0)

Ajay Ashokbhai Patel (Band : 6.0)

Jayeep Chandrkantbhai Patel (Band : 6.0)

Kaushal Aniruddh Patel (Band : 6.0)

Pinakin Ghanshyambhai Patel (Band : 6.0)

Praveen Chandubhai Kalal (Band : 6.0)

Ketan Mansukhbhai Dholariya (Band : 6.0)

Seema Pankajbhai Dake (Band : 6.5)

Parita Niravbhai shah (Band : 6.0)

Nisarg Pankajkumar Raval (Band : 6.0)

Chinmay Rajeev Trivedi (Band : 7.0)

Divyashree Kiritbhai Patel (Band : 6.0)

Kartik Narendrakumar Patel (Band : 6.0)

Ronak Kanaiyalal Patel (Band : 6.0)

Ruchi Upendrakumar Patel (Band : 6.0)

Sagufta Mohdyunus Memon (Band : 6.0)

Nishank Manojkumar Bishnoi (Band : 7.0)

Vishal Mangeshkumar Patel (Band : 6.0)

Chandresh Kaniyalal Patel (Band : 6.0)

Bhagyashree Tusharkumar Patel (Band : 6.0)

Meet Narendrabhai Patel (Band : 6.0)

Parshwa Sanjivbhai Shah (Band : 6.0)

Sendy Kantilal Gohil (Band : 6.0)

Ipun Kiritkumar Amin (Band : 6.5)

SukhdeepKaur K Gill (Band : 6.5)

Bhumika Sandeep Panchal (Band : 6.0)

Palak Vinubhai Patel (Band : 6.0)

Priya Jigar Barot (Band : 6.0)

Shraddha Gajanari Joshi (Band : 6.0)

Ankit Bankim Shah (Band : 6.0)

Nayan Dilipkumar Bhatt (Band : 6.0)